MOBILE OIL PUMP with a capacity of 1000 liters which is used for receiving, storing, pouring, controlling the discharge of engine oil.

MOBILE OIL PUMP consists of a tank and an oil pump housing.

Tanks with a capacity of 1000 liters as well as the housing of the oil pump are made of structural steel according to EN10027-1 with a maximum yield strength of 235N / mm2.

Strictly controlled welding process number 135 according to EN 24063 guarantees a long service life and functionality of the device.

Each tank shall be tested for penetration by the penetrant method as well as an air pressure test of 0.75 bar on a test sample, in accordance with the recommendations of EN 12285-2: 2005.

On the upper side of the tank, there is an inspection opening with a diameter of Ø600 mm, which provides smooth work on the control and cleaning of the inner side of the tank.

On the cylindrical double-walled tanks, there is a biodegradable anticorrosive liquid in the interspace, which with a glass indicator provides visual control of the impermeability of the device.

  1. VISCOMAT DC is oil transfer pump suitable for workshops with demanding work paces. Designed for applications where it is necessary to transfer oil from drums, where there is no connection to the power line or compressed air system, VISCOMAT DC can be applied to drums, IBC tanks or installed in kits for oil transfer like DRUM VISCOMAT.
  2. Nozzle with electronic meter. The K400 can be integrated with nozzle to create a handy, ergonomic instrument for controlling and managing oil delivery. Meter body in aluminium to withstand high pressure.
  3. Level indicator -The 6500 Series Senior gauges are designed for use in low pressure tanks 0-25 psig [0-1,7Bar] containing diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel oil and lubricating oils.
  4. Pipeline
  5. Pressure relief valve
  6. Glass indicator

The installation of the MOBILE OIL PUMP is done on a flat and solid surface with a secured protection area of 10m distance from other buildings, without vegetation and any flammable material on it.

Basic technical data:

– Overall length: 2200mm
– Total height: 1393mm
– Diameter: 960mm
– Tank capacity: 1m3 (1000 liters)
– Weight of empty tank: 550kg
– Oil pump capacity: 10 l / min
– Oil pump power supply: 24V
– Oil pump power: 300W